4 Tips for Hiring the Right Team to Help You Succeed

Things to keep in mind when considering hiring a team of people to help you build and grow your business (and what to do when you have found them). By Xendoo’s CEO, Lil Roberts.


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22 Startups to Watch in 2022 by South Florida Business Journal

This Startups to Watch featured by the South Florida Business Journal includes businesses from a variety of industries, with everything from virtual reality to psychedelic mental health care represented. The companies are tackling the future of work, crypto investing, real estate development, banking, and more. They’re also attracting substantial funding from investors with an eye out for early-stage startups poised for growth in the years to come. Xendoo is honored to be mentioned among an amazing group of companies.


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Best FinTech Companies For Tax Management

We frequently discuss the impact of fintech companies on financial services, but taxation is frequently overlooked. Tax filing is an unavoidable requirement, and most people hire professionals to do their taxes for them to avoid any misunderstandings with the government. Taxes can cause stress not only for consumers but also for small businesses. There are numerous fintech companies available to assist both individuals and businesses in not only understanding but also paying their taxes. In this article, we will explore the best fintech companies for tax management.

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The Franchise Landscape by Jon Ostenson

On the heels of Covid lockdowns and quarantine, we are seeing unprecedented levels of interest in business ownership with much of this interest coming through the avenue of franchising. Year-to-date, our client placements have increased well over 50% vs. 2020, which despite Covid, saw similar levels of expansion over 2019. The vast majority of these placements have come in industries outside of food and lodging, which we will touch on later.

So who are these new franchise owners? More than ever before they represent a substantial cross-section of Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. As outlined throughout media headlines, Covid has caused many across the spectrum to reflect on their current path. For many, this reflection has led to the decision point that now is the time to scratch their entrepreneurial itch.

In some cases, these newly minted business owners are jumping in with both feet, leaving their corporate roles and taking on the reins of owner-operator of a new enterprise. In other instances, they are taking a step into entrepreneurship via a ‘semi absentee’ model with the plan to put in 10-15 hours a week. The latter group is seeing business ownership as an ‘asset class. Business ownership provides tax advantages that many other investments do not. With the stock market at an all-time high, low interest rate, and only so many good real estate deals available, investors are looking at alternative options for parking their record levels of sidelined cash. 

Why are so many opting for franchising over a traditional ‘start-up’? They recognize that franchising provides them with:

• A proven playbook from which to operate.

• In some cases, a recognizable brand.

• A ‘coach’ with aligned interests on the sideline in the franchisor.

• Support and learnings of owners in other markets.

• The ability to go in with ‘eyes wide open’ via the ability to review the Franchise Disclosure Document and validate with current owners before making a purchase.

• The potential for a more attractive exit based on an apples-to-apples comparison vs. traditional startups. 

So, what industries are resonating the most with would-be business owners? I have shared in many interviews that over the past year that we have seen a leaning toward ‘Covid, Amazon, Recession resistant businesses’. 95% of our placements have been in industries outside of food and lodging. These include home and property services, automotive, health and wellness, businesses that support the senior population, children/education, and pets. There are so many unique niches within these spaces that people have never considered. In fact, through my matchmaking process, I have found that over 80% of my clients end up in a sector that they never had on their radar prior to our ‘peeling back the onion’ and building a framework from which to evaluate opportunities.

Certainly, franchising is not right for everyone. For instance, I have to explain to a handful of my clients that they are ‘too entrepreneurial’. They are not willing to live within the franchise system, desiring to put their fingerprints all over a new business. However, for many would-be business owners, the support and resulting success rate that is found in franchising prove to be a perfect fit. Based on what we are seeing both at a macro level, as well as on the ground, franchising is poised for even more strong growth in the years ahead!


Jon Ostenson is a consultant, investor, author, and international speaker specializing in the area of non-food franchising. He draws on his experience as both the President of an Inc. 500 franchise system and as a multi-brand franchisee in serving clients across these capacities.

Connect with FranBridge here jon@franbridgeconsulting.com   Recent podcast interview


This post is intended to be used for informational purposes only and does not constitute as legal, business, or tax advice. Please consult your attorney, business advisor, or tax advisor with respect to matters referenced in our content. Xendoo assumes no liability for any actions taken in reliance upon the information contained herein.


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4 Reasons Why Digital Transformation Is Table Stakes for Small Businesses

Small businesses are making the leap into digitalization to respond to evolving consumer behavior and expectations, adapting to new working norms, putting data to work to drive performance and building business resiliency.

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Lil Roberts on Navigating an Uncertain Environment

A Precarious Spot for Small Businesses

In an article for Entrepreneur, Xendoo CEO and founder Lil Roberts talked a bit about how each outcome of the 2020 election could affect small businesses. She also offered some strategies for small business owners to negotiate the uncertain environment surrounding the election. While the election has since been decided, the challenges triggered by the pandemic are still putting small businesses in a precarious spot. Lil’s advice remains essential for business owners looking to navigate this minefield.

Maintain a Laser Focus

In times of uncertainty, Roberts says, “[b]usiness owners are well served to…focus on what they do best — running their business.” Specifically, ignore the things that are beyond control and avoid reactive decision-making. Instead, key in on things like expenses, cost control, and overall financial management. However, this doesn’t mean to stick one’s head in the sand. Small business owners should also have contingency plans in order to stay nimble and be able to adapt to changes that may arise.

Get Back to the Basics

“Business owners with the strongest foundation are the ones who survive challenging times,” says Roberts. “This includes building a positive company culture that values every team member, prioritizing interactions with customers or clients to deliver exceptional products and services, and monitoring the financial health of the business to quickly make decisions as the economic climate changes.” With so much going on in the world, it’s very easy to lose sight of these basics. However, they are critically important in an uncertain environment.

Stay Positive and Move Forward

The past election cycles, the pandemic, and the uncertain environment – Roberts calls these “energy vampires to small business owners”. She adds that, “a positive outlook and a focus on the future go a long way in ensuring their business remains resilient. Time will pass and the world will keep moving. A positive outlook is integral in keeping their businesses moving — onward and upward through uncertainty.”

We Get Small Business

Lil Roberts experienced the shortfalls of the archaic accounting industry first-hand. Her one goal: provide small business owners with financial peace of mind. How? Provide accessibility to expert CPAs, predictable pricing, and speed to financial numbers delivered through technology. Xendoo’s proprietary technology allows our expert bookkeeping team to 10x the productivity of a traditional bookkeeper and CPA. In partnership with Xero, we offer a monthly bookkeeping solution driven by real-time data and most importantly, real people.

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