4 Tips for Hiring the Right Team to Help You Succeed

Things to keep in mind when considering hiring a team of people to help you build and grow your business (and what to do when you have found them). By Xendoo’s CEO, Lil Roberts.


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22 Startups to Watch in 2022 by South Florida Business Journal

This Startups to Watch featured by the South Florida Business Journal includes businesses from a variety of industries, with everything from virtual reality to psychedelic mental health care represented. The companies are tackling the future of work, crypto investing, real estate development, banking, and more. They’re also attracting substantial funding from investors with an eye out for early-stage startups poised for growth in the years to come. Xendoo is honored to be mentioned among an amazing group of companies.


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Best FinTech Companies For Tax Management

We frequently discuss the impact of fintech companies on financial services, but taxation is frequently overlooked. Tax filing is an unavoidable requirement, and most people hire professionals to do their taxes for them to avoid any misunderstandings with the government. Taxes can cause stress not only for consumers but also for small businesses. There are numerous fintech companies available to assist both individuals and businesses in not only understanding but also paying their taxes. In this article, we will explore the best fintech companies for tax management.

Small business owners must adapt to digital transformation

4 Reasons Why Digital Transformation Is Table Stakes for Small Businesses

Small businesses are making the leap into digitalization to respond to evolving consumer behavior and expectations, adapting to new working norms, putting data to work to drive performance and building business resiliency.

Why Is Clubhouse Such an Unparalleled Platform?

As entrepreneurs, we’re knowledge-seekers and networkers by nature. When Twitter launched, we jumped at the opportunity to hear thoughts from mentors and start forming real-time conversations. When podcasts started gaining traction, we had a chance to hear advice and learn about the backgrounds of inspiring entrepreneurs.

Why the Future Is in Florida

A serial entrepreneur, Roberts says she founded Xendoo in 2017 after realizing a need for a solution. Prior to Xendoo, she owned a manufacturing business and accounting “was always a tremendous pain point,” she says. “It befuddled me as to why the accounting industry wasn’t applying…

Why Small Businesses Are The Pawns of This Election Cycle

This year is fueling a lot of uncertainty among small business owners. While business owners deal with the same movie, different characters every election cycle, 2020 has put small businesses in an incredibly precarious spot…

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Why We Must Teach Young Children That They Can Do Anything – with Tyler Gallagher & Lil Roberts

We must teach young children that they can do anything, the opportunities are there, and there are no gender-based opportunities…

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Women Leading The Finance Industry: “Why We Must Teach Young Children That They Can Do Anything” with Lil Roberts of Xendoo

I believe change starts with our youngest minds. What’s required is broadening young people’s minds, all genders…