Xendoo vs Bench

Bookkeeping. You hate it. We love it. Now, who do you choose?

Choosing the right bookkeeping service is foundational to your business. It’s important to find the right balance of service and software.  This page compares two of the top-rated online bookkeeping services – Xendoo and Bench – to help you choose the accounting platform right for you.

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Overview of Differences Between Xendoo and Bench

While there are many online bookkeeping and accounting options available, Xendoo and Bench are consistently rated at the top of the list in terms of virtual bookkeeping companies. In order to better help you identify the company that works for your business’s needs, please see our comparisons below.

What core services does Xendoo provide?

Most Xendoo packages include: 

  • Weekly bookkeeping
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax preparation and filing
  • Dashboards
  • P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Dedicated bookkeeper

What tax services does Xendoo provide?

Xendoo’s in-house CPAs prepare and file your business tax returns all under the same roof as Xendoo bookkeepers – located in the U.S.  

Tax consulting is also available throughout the year in most plans. 

What software does Xendoo integrate with?

Xendoo includes a free subscription to Xero accounting software and the basic QuickBooks online subscription.  

This makes it easy if you ever need to transition platforms – your bookkeeping software goes with you. 

What core services does Bench provide?

Most Bench packages include:

  • Monthly bookkeeper
  • Dashboards
  • Dedicated Bookkeeper

What tax services does Bench provide?

Bench partners with a third party, TaxFyle, to file the business tax returns. This company then offers the individual project out to local accountants and CPAs across the country. 

This service comes at an additional cost.  Tax consulting is not available in Bench packages. 

What software does Bench integrate with?

Bench uses its own proprietary software.  This does not allow for an easy transition between accounting software if you decide to leave.


Comparing pricing can be difficult for online bookkeeping providers because it generally doesn’t compare apples to apples. Each has its own packages and features. We’ve created a simple comparison below to see how Bench and Xendoo pricing compare:


Less than $50K in expenses


Less than $20K in expenses

What people are saying

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Stop Bookkeeping!

Spend time doing what you love to do.  Run your business.  Go on a date.  Get more sleep.  Have some fun!  You deserve it. 

Stop Bookkeeping!

Spend time doing what you love to do.  Run your business.  Go on a date.  Get more sleep.  Have some fun!  You deserve it.