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Rohit Chopra
Jump Kirkland F45 Gym

“Xendoo service is incredible. While they take care of my bookkeeping, I focus on the business. Team is also very knowledgeable and helpful. Always willing to go above and beyond. Definitely recommend the service. Well worth the value!”

Rafiq Umar
Halal Watch World LLC

“The greatest value I’ve gained from Xendoo’s service is the personal communication with a financial expert, my CPA. Having a personal advisor at my fingertips has helped tremendously. Anytime I want to speak with them or ask questions, I can always reach out and their advice is extremely beneficial. If I were to compare the amount of time I’ve spent speaking with my financial advisor at Xendoo, compared to the amount of money I’m paying for the service, I’m getting way more than I’ve bargained for. I know other small businesses will benefit from having access to this excellent service.”

Matthew Hazel

“With Xendoo’s help, I’ve been able to save time, taxes, and frustration of being overwhelmed. My bookkeeping team at Xendoo is always available to help and on point with delivering my monthly reports to me each month. Starting a business and figuring out what tax forms need to be completed and when is challenging. They have helped me with my Amazon quarterly filings that I wouldn’t have known to do without their guidance. It’s super easy to create and track invoices on your account page. Everything about your account page is easily accessible and all your files are easily accessible for future reference. Any business looking to relieve stress related to bookkeeping and accounting, Xendoo is your solution.”

Salomon Wancier
Wild Coffee Marketing

“Xendoo takes the hassle out of bookkeeping. The service has been awesome and their team is readily available to answer any questions that arise. With Xendoo’s support, I’ve saved on my taxes, saved time managing my financials and have a reliable team to lean on for advice.”

Brett Potts
Unique Outfitters

“Coming from a poor experience with a local accountant, Xendoo has been a breath of fresh air. The level of support I receive from Xendoo has exceeded my expectations. The team has been great, attentive, and proactive. My tax team has brought opportunities my way that as a business owner, I would not have been aware of. I’ve been able to take advantage of significant tax savings due to this. The Xendoo portal is awesome, easy to navigate, and can be picked up quickly. It’s easy to download reports and send them off quickly. All my financial details are available at a glance. Using Xendoo has been a great experience.”

Wayne Labush
Event Service Group

“Xendoo has been more than a resource for our accounting needs. They’ve become a resource to help us with stabilization, organization and funding, going above and beyond the typical relationship with an accountant.”