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CityBizList | July 16, 2020

Innovation, Collaboration, Unity Lead South Florida Businesses Economy Through COVID-19

President of EOSOFLO, Jason Loeb, says innovation, collaboration…
Accounting Web | June 19, 2020

How Bookkeepers Can Help Clients With the Right Time to Rehire Furloughed Staff

As many states across the U.S. begin the process of reopening…
Payments Source | June 18, 2020

PayPal and Salesforce’s Even Investments Show Momentum for Early Wage Access

The coronavirus-induced recession has broadened the addressable…
Home Business | June 17, 2020

Reopening Businesses in COVID-19 Environment

The U.S. is beginning the process of reopening and many small…
Payments Source | June 11, 2020

Small-Biz Bounce Backs May Not Overcome Coronavirus Impact

The immediate lock-down of the nation’s economy in response…
Forbes | June 10, 2020

Building A Business By Solving Problems For Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs often solve their own problems. Lil Roberts had… | May 20, 2020

How to Improve Your Financial Literacy

For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, there are not…
CPA Practice Advisor | April 28, 2020

Adaptability is Key to Business Continuity Through Covid

The economic fallout resulting from the coronavirus will test… | April 27, 2020

Plan for the Future of Your Business During Coronavirus

Small businesses must remain forward-thinking and forward-looking…
Cheapism | April 16, 2020

Reopening Businesses in the COVID-19 Environment

Look at interest rates on home mortgages and determine...
Finder | April 16, 2020

Government Reaction Times to COVID-19

How fast a government reacts in a time of crisis can mean...
Payments Source | April 9, 2020

Coronavirus, Stimulus Create Challenges for Merchants

The recent $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package and other government… | April 8, 2020

Navigating the Changing Economic Environment

With the coronavirus now a worldwide pandemic, public health…
CB Nation | April 8, 2020

28 Entrepreneurs Share Their CEO Nugget

If you could hop into a time machine, what would you tell your…
Finovate | April 5, 2020

10 Fintechs that Make Taxes Less Taxing

The daunting task of gathering documents for a year that has…
Washington Examiner | April 2, 2020

The Winners and The Losers of The Covid Business Lock-down

While most local businesses, such as hair salons, retail stores,…
Payments Source | March 30, 2020

Coronavirus’ Effect on Small Merchants Tests Fintech Lending

The U.S. government will shortly funnel trillions of dollars…
Home Business | March 22, 2020

Fintech Helping Drive the Digital Transformation of Small Business

Fintech accounting platforms are helping enterprises digitize…
Business Insider | February 24, 2020

AOL Billionaire Steve Case Backs Finance Startup, Xendoo

Xendoo, a startup trying to make accounting easier for small…
South Florida Business Journal | February 4, 2020

South Florida Startups Receive $75,000 Grants

The accelerator is dedicated to entrepreneurs who are building…