Partnering with Gusto today means a better tomorrow for xendoo customers. As a small business owner, you juggle multiple roles… bookkeeping, human resources, marketing, and all that goes into running your business every day. You love what you do and wish you could leave the complicated, boring stuff out of your day-to-day. xendoo feels your pain, we recognize that bookkeeping and payroll are integral to your company’s operational success and your peace of mind.

At xendoo, we love bookkeeping, accounting, and tax.  We have partnered with our customers, providing them with meaningful insight into their financials and guidance to maximize tax savings. We are honored and love the opportunity to work with small business owners across America. 

When small business owners start their business, it is hard to imagine the time required to manage payroll. But as their days become busier, this is an area they want to offload and simplify. There are a lot of complexities to payroll. 

Processing payroll is more than writing a paycheck. Many factors go into payroll. The business owner must collect timesheets, calculate hourly wages, properly account for tax deductions, track time off, and making sure their team is compensated correctly and consistently is just the beginning of the complexity. Then, payroll taxes must also be delivered to the proper government entity in the right amount and at the right time. Figuring that out can feel like a battle in itself. And, as a solopreneur, all these requirements remain the same. 

xendoo recognized that struggle, and knowing our small business owners need a trusted partner in payroll, we partnered with Gusto over the last few years as a trusted brand and have relied on their payroll expertise and high level of quality support to provide a platform for our customers’ payroll needs.  

Our Values Are Aligned

Just like bookkeeping, payroll is a core need for all small business owners, and Gusto is the best-in-class platform. Selecting Gusto as our integrated solution to xendoo’s online bookkeeping was undeniable, as they offer a simplified payroll solution that has enabled over 180,000 business owners to run their payroll with confidence, while providing users with streamlined access to their paychecks, benefits, and HR – all in one user-friendly space. 

Partnering with Gusto for the deeper integration of white-labeling their software was a natural decision for xendoo, as we share the same values and passion: helping small business owners take back their time so they can focus on what they love – running their business. By adding xendoo Payroll to our bookkeeping, accounting, and tax suite of offerings, xendoo will provide an all-encompassing, best-in-class technology platform that supports small business owners to have visibility into their numbers.

xendoo + Gusto 

Small business is the backbone of America. They employ our neighbors and fulfill the needs of entire communities. Our vision is for small business owners to grow and thrive, building a better world – not hidden in their office, drowning in books and payroll. xendoo + Gusto partnership is our love letter to them, delivering financial peace of mind in an ever-changing world.

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