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Low-Burn | Scaling Your Startup S2 E8 with Neyborly’s Ben Seidl & Xendoo’s Lil Roberts | E1224

When it comes to financial health as your scaling your startup there are six steps to healthy financials for scaling your startup. Watch for insightful tips for your small business by our CEO and Founder Lil Roberts, at This Week in Startups – Scaling your Startup. E1224 of Low Burn.



Profile of a Founder: Lil Roberts of Xendoo

We believe business owners should have time to do what they love, build their business – not do bookkeeping.

Lunch with Norm and Lil Roberts

Importance of LIVE events & What’s the Future of Ecommerce | Lil Roberts | Ep. 173

The new buying habits are post-pandemic! What to expect? Xendoo CEO and Founder Lil Roberts is back to share with us the new buying habits post-pandemic and how eCommerce fits into retail’s post-pandemic future.

“We believe business owners should have time to do what they love, build their business – not do bookkeeping.”

Cashflow Vs. Profitability with Lil Roberts, CEO Xendoo

Lil Roberts, CEO and founder of Xendoo, appeared on The Savvy Entrepreneur with host Doris Nagel to discuss concepts of cash flow vs. profitability and share tips to keep both healthy.

The Savvy Entrepreneur is a talk radio show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs on their path to success by sharing tools, tips, resources, and experience.

Online Bookkeeping Provider xendoo Now Helping Small Businesses in 46 States, 12 Countries

One of Broward County’s biggest startup success stories continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Fort Lauderdale-based xendoo has developed a SaaS bookkeeping platform targeted at small businesses. The startup reported a two-year revenue growth of 777% from 2018 through 2019.

Xendoo, Gusto Partner For New Payroll Solution

Lil Roberts, founder, and CEO of Xendoo said that working with Gusto was an obvious decision, as both companies share the same market: small business owners looking to streamline their bookkeeping, payroll, or benefits needs. The next step will be a long-term, deeper tech partnership between the South Florida-based Xendoo and Gusto, which is headquartered in San Francisco.

Gusto is now offering pieces of its service to other companies via API

The new product, dubbed “Gusto Embedded Payroll,” will allow vertical SaaS companies to provide payroll support to their own customers.

Human Resources Management Innovator Gusto Teams Up with Xendoo

Gusto Head of Partnerships Somrat Nyogi described the partnership as part of an overall trend toward digitization of key business operations. “Through our partnership, Xendoo is combining payroll and bookkeeping services to deliver financial peace of mind to small business owners,” Nyogi said.

xendoo + gusto = xendoo payroll

Xendoo Partners with Gusto, Creates Xendoo Payroll to Help SMBs Easily Pay Employees

“Partnering with Gusto was a natural decision as we both strive for the same outcome: taking the stress out of finances for small business owners so they can focus on what matters most – growing their businesses.” –  Lil Roberts, CEO and founder of Xendoo

The Tools That Helped Small Business Owners Survive in 2020

It is important to support our local small businesses because small business is the backbone of America. – Lil Roberts