How Much Does a Bookkeeper Cost?

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Though bookkeeping may not be the most exciting part of running a business, it’s arguably one of the most important. Bookkeeping can help you maintain your financial records, track expenditures and revenue, and provide an up-to-date snapshot of the growth and overall health of your business. 

Bookkeeping is the make-or-break factor for a business, sometimes determining the success or failure of a company. Accurate and timely bookkeeping allows you to make sound decisions for the strategic planning of your business. It makes tax time a breeze and ensures that you’re ready if the IRS ever audits your company. 

Running a small business is a big job and you may not have the time or experience to manage your own books. If you’re considering hiring an online bookkeeping service help, one of the first things you’ll want to know is how much a business bookkeeper costs. 

Below is a brief overview of what this service looks like and what it will cost to make it a part of your small business.

What Does a Bookkeeper Cost?

There’s no set cost for hiring a professional to manage your business’s finances. It varies depending on the type of financial expert you hire and the particulars of your business. Some factors that affect what accountants charge include: 

  • The size of your business
  • The number of monthly transactions
  • Complexity of your company’s services

A typical range to expect for business bookkeeper cost is anywhere from $500 to $2,500 a month. 

While this may look like another added expenditure for your business, this monthly cost basically pays for itself. If you had to do your own books, how much time would it take? Likely longer than it would take an expert who can quickly point out any issues the untrained eye may easily miss! 

A professional bookkeeper can also save you money on your taxes by ensuring all your expenses are properly tracked so there’s no surprises when it comes time to file. They’re also familiar with possible tax deductions that may save your business money.

Hourly Pricing vs. Flat Fee Bookkeeping Costs

Financial experts will generally charge your business either hourly or at a flat rate. While hourly may seem like the cheaper option, it isn’t always the case. 

Hourly rates vary depending on the type of financial expert you use.  Where a bookkeeper might run your business anywhere from $30 to $90 an hour, CPAs charge more. If you’ve considered a CPA and are wondering, “How much does a CPA cost?”, you may be surprised to find them considerably higher than a bookkeeper, sometimes in the $150 to $450 hourly range. 

Understanding the difference between hourly pricing and flat fee bookkeeping costs is an important step in determining which is right for your business. 

Hourly Pricing

Hourly pricing is a great option when you only need help with the books occasionally. You can hire someone to come in on a per-project basis and only pay for the time they spend on the project or for an agreed-upon time. 

While this makes it easier to control your bookkeeping costs, most small businesses require consistent services to keep their books straight. 

Flat Fee  

Flat fee bookkeeping is the simpler of the two options. It allows you to pay a set price for an unlimited amount of work. While some months may not require much from a bookkeeper, some months are inevitably going to be busier than others. This makes it easier to manage your business bookkeeper costs by factoring in a consistently steady rate.  

At Xendoo, finding the perfect flat fee plan is easy, so you aren’t paying more for the specific things you need. Xendoo pricing takes into consideration the varying needs of businesses, offering a range of plans based on your monthly expenses. 

If you generate less than $20k monthly, you can opt for a plan as low as $195 a month. At the other end of the scale, if your small business is bringing in over $100k monthly, Xendoo’s Venture plan for $945 a month has you covered!  

There are five different plans to choose from, depending on your monthly expenses, all of which come with a host of services including Xero accounting software, mobile apps, and consistent profit and loss statements to help keep your business on track. 

What’s Included with a Business Bookkeeping Service?

A bookkeeping service records all your financial metrics and assures you maintain regulatory compliance at the state and federal levels. Bookkeepers serve to protect your company’s financial integrity and track trends within your business.

Instead of going through the hassles of asking, “How much does a CPA cost?” or trying to track down generic accountant pricing, many businesses have turned to online bookkeeping services. This minimizes business bookkeeper costs, reducing the overhead for your business.

A bookkeeping service does more than preserve financial records. They can also:

  • Aid with payroll
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Manage online bank feeds
  • Maintain payable and receivable accounts
  • Perform cash flow analysis

If you are still wondering, “How much does a CPA cost?” or how much a live business bookkeeper costs, then spend the time to look around. An online bookkeeping business has likely automated most of the services you require and they can have a team of experts at the ready if you are in need of help.

What You Should Look for When Finding the Right Bookkeeper

Most business owners are great at what they do, but it can still be tedious when they have to reconcile the daily reports and manage all the paperwork after a long day at work, too. Experts agree that hiring a bookkeeper to maintain your financial records is a smart move for most businesses.

Here are some tips to help you find the right bookkeeping service for your business:


The highest referral a business owner can find is from a friend in the industry. But don’t stop there. If you’re looking at an online bookkeeping service, verify their ratings, ask how long they’ve been in business, check their business bookkeeper costs, and determine whether they have accountants on staff to help with the bigger questions you may have concerning your business.

Find a Professional Bookkeeper

A professional bookkeeper may have the certifications and a long work history, but have they dedicated their career to helping other businesses to succeed? 

Look for a bookkeeping service whose business model relies on the success of others.

Hire an All-in-One Bookkeeping Service

Some accounting firms only provide basic reconciliation services. Look for a service that handles payroll and taxes, while integrating with your current bookkeeping software, such as QuickBooks.

Integration between multiple accounting software platforms makes your transition to using a bookkeeper quicker, easier, and more profitable.


Some businesses are open at all hours of the day and night. In many cases, the bookkeeping is handled after hours, so it’s important that you have a bookkeeping service available when you need it. 

Find a company that offers 24-hour service so that they can help you when you need it most. After all, some of the hardest times to get help are during the weekends and in tax season, but this is exactly when you’re most likely to have questions.

Don’t Look for the Cheapest Partner

Prices matter when it comes to running a business, but a bookkeeping service is not a place that you want to cut corners. Part of the advantage of a professional service is that it can often save you money by reducing the time spent on basic tasks. It can also help you to better track your spending and analyze potential financial hazards.


A bookkeeper service is an investment that helps your business to grow and thrive. If you’re in need of a reliable service to manage your books and keep your small business on track for success, Xendoo is here to help. 

Our expert team of bookkeepers and CPAs make managing your finances easy so you can get back to business. Contact us today to get started! 


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