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What to Expect From a Bookkeeping Price Package

With Xendoo’s bookkeeping price package you can easily find the plan you need and work with our expert financial team to gain insight and make smart business decisions. Xendoo doesn’t use its own proprietary software, but instead, we partner with Quickbooks Online and Xero, so your books are yours throughout any changes and transitions. Your books are up to date with your dedicated financial team, financial insight is at your fingertips, and you are always tax-ready. Additionally, Xendoo’s bookkeeping team can also balance your personal finances if needed.

Xendoo’s bookkeeping price packages for small businesses include an expert bookkeeper to handle your books using Quickbooks or Xero accounting software—whether you’re on a cash basis or a modified accrual system. Your plan also includes profit and loss statements, balance sheets, monthly trend graphs, a standard chart of accounts, tax returns*, tax consulting*, and more. Plus you get access to Xendoo’s user-friendly technology including our robust and easy-to-use mobile app.

How do bookkeeping price packages work?

Xendoo’s bookkeeping price packages are designed based on the size of your business. Regardless of size, all of Xendoo’s bookkeeping plans come with a team of bookkeepers who are committed to helping you grow your business. Xendoo offers a variety of packages because we know not all business owners are created equal, so you can choose the package that works best for you and your business. A great place to start is the Hustle plan—it’s made for self-employed small business owners like you and starts at $195/mo. You’ll get expert bookkeeping and on-time financials – and you won’t stay up at night worrying about how behind you are on your bookkeeping.

All of Xendoo’s plans include a dedicated bookkeeper that keeps your books up to date month after month, plus many Xendoo plans, such as  Boost, Flight, Thrive, and Venture also offers access to a CPA and an accountant who can offer tax preparation and yearly planning.

Xendoo offers five different bookkeeping price packages for small business owners to choose from. We even offer custom plans. To determine which bookkeeping package is right for your small business, check out the pricing page on the Xendoo website. You’ll see that the five different packages are determined by your small business’s monthly expenses. We know every small business is unique, so when necessary, we will work with you to create custom bookkeeping packages to suit your specific needs and goals. 

And it’s easy to change your Xendoo bookkeeping package if you ever need it. Perhaps your monthly expenses have increased and you need to bump up to a more robust plan, or maybe you are in a slow season and need less help with your bookkeeping. Whatever the case, you can easily log in to your account and modify your plan.

No matter which bookkeeping package you choose from Xendoo, you will be up to date, compliant, and ready to grow. Not to mention, you will have peace of mind and one less thing on your to-do list. You will rest easy knowing you are not part of the 25% of small business owners who report that they are behind on their bookkeeping!

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Xendoo’s bookkeeping package pricing

Xendoo provides tailor-made bookkeeping solutions for every type of small business. Our five main plans are Hustle, Boost, Flight, Thrive, and Venture.

Our most popular bookkeeping package at Xendoo is the Flight plan. It is the perfect option for small business owners who have less than $60,000 in monthly expenses. The Flight plan is a full-service bookkeeping package that includes both business and state tax returns. When you choose the Flight plan with Xendoo, you will also receive weekly bank account and credit card reconciliations and you are guaranteed to receive all of your monthly financial reports by the 20th of the following month. 

At Xendoo, we consider every customer unique because no small business is the same—if needed, we will work with you to customize a plan to suit your specific needs.

Why a flat monthly rate?

A very popular option with small businesses is a bookkeeping or accounting service that charges a fixed amount every month like Xendoo. It’s easier to budget, and it typically costs less than half of what you would pay an hourly bookkeeper or accountant for the same service. When you have a busier-than-usual month you’ll be relieved to know you can count on a fixed monthly rate instead of getting hit with a huge bill from your bookkeeper. Hiring a small business bookkeeper saves money in the long run by helping you stay ahead of your expenses and budget accordingly. 

You can even start with Xendoo’s free trial which includes a complimentary calendar month of bookkeeping plus a profit and loss statement and balance sheet.

What do you get with a bookkeeping package?

Xendoo will keep you organized – we provide on-time monthly reports and data for your business. You’ll receive a monthly balance sheet and a profit and loss statement that you can easily access from your desktop or mobile, as well as weekly reconciliations so you have clear visibility of your business’s financial health.

Remember, you aren’t locked into your plan. You have the ability to modify your plan or add additional bookkeeping services to match your business’s bookkeeping needs.  Just login to your account and choose the option that is best for you. 

Even if you decide to leave Xendoo, you don’t have to worry about the transition—you can easily transfer your files via Quickbooks Online or Xero. Stop worrying about your financials and gain peace of mind. With Xendoo, you get real-time accounting, tax consulting and planning, a fixed flat monthly rate, and a supportive team that has your back.

Xendoo’s passion is helping small business entrepreneurs. With bookkeeping price packages that fit every business, a dedicated financial team, and cutting-edge technology, Xendoo is the obvious choice for staying on top of your books. Join the Xendoo community of confident business owners to gain the power to make timely, smart financial decisions.

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