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Dates and Deadlines: When You Can File Small Business Taxes in 2022

This year, make things easier on yourself by planning ahead. You’ll thank yourself for filing business taxes according to the prescribed deadlines. Not only will this save you from sweating over a shoebox full of receipts, but making on-time tax payments will save you from any late fees or interest payments. To help you with […]

Fallen Behind on Bookkeeping? Here’s How to Catch Up

Tax season can be stressful, especially if your books are behind, inaccurate, or both. We estimate that roughly 25% of small businesses seek information on how to catch up on business taxes and get their financial records in order. The benefits of clean, accurate books extend far beyond tax season. When your books are up […]

How Much Does Catch Up Bookkeeping Cost?

When you get behind in your books, you might find yourself sweating a bit. In addition to being worried about how you’ll get caught up, you may also be concerned about the catch-up bookkeeping price you’ll have to spend to bring your financial data up-to-date. Most business owners find that catch-up bookkeeping services are well […]

What Is Catch-Up Bookkeeping?

When you get behind in your books, you have two choices: lose sleep or turn to a catch-up bookkeeping service to help you out.  What is catch-up bookkeeping? Catch-up or “clean-up” bookkeeping is the method of bringing your financial records up to date. In other words, catch-up bookkeeping lets you spend less time worrying about […]

A Complete Guide to Reading Financial Statements

You’ve been in business for a while, and your next steps require you to obtain a small business loan. Your lender responds to your request favorably but asks to see your company’s recent balance sheet.  With little experience in reading financial statements, this request makes you freeze in your tracks, uncertain of how to express […]

The Top 8 Expense Trackers for Small Businesses

Tracking business expenses is one of the smartest things you can do to take control of your company’s finances. With better organization, you’ll find that your business is more streamlined and profitable, and you’ll be dealing with fewer headaches when tax season rolls around.  If you ever find yourself facing an IRS audit, proper tracking […]

2021 Ultimate List of Small Business Tax Deductions

With the year coming to an end, tax return season is just right around the corner. For small businesses, that means being prepared to find all of the small business tax deductions you can to minimize your payout to the IRS.  Get prepared for tax season with these small business tax deductions that may apply […]

9 eCommerce Tax Deductions for 2021

You might not be thinking about taxes until closer to the deadline, but planning your eCommerce tax deductions is a year-round process. If you run an online business, investing in tax-deductible business expenses can reduce your tax burden and increase your profits. We’ll help you plan ahead for next year’s filing. Here are the 9 […]

The Difference: Cash Basis Accounting vs. Accrual Accounting

As a business owner, accounting methods may not rank that high on your list of passions, but understanding cash basis accounting vs. accrual accounting can be vital to your company’s health.  Keeping track of your cash flow can save you time and money, not only helping you during tax season but also helping you to […]