5 Apps for Healthcare and Wellness

If you’re one of our clients at Xendoo, you already know how much time and effort you’re saving with our Xero cloud-based accounting software. But did you know that you can also add plug-ins designed specifically for the healthcare and wellness industry?

With these tools, you can automate or simplify everything from scheduling to payroll. Here’s an overview:


This web-based practice management system organizes your schedule, treatment notes, invoices, payments, and more. Integrated with Xero, it automatically pushes your accounting info without you having to lift a finger.


This appointment software is ideal for healthcare practitioners, salons, spas, or any business that needs to schedule clients. It also manages staff, merchandise stock, sales, and payments. Sync it with Xero to track bank transactions and map sales trends.


This platform manages the workforce for healthcare, hospitality, and retail businesses. It collates timesheets and pay rates, and exports them with 1 click into your Xero payroll software for automatic calculation of your employees’ gross wages.


This cloud-based business management software is used by spas, salons, and medi-spas. It integrates easily with Xero to provide real-time account access and reports. Invoices, payments, and charts of accounts such as membership, package, and gift card sales or redemptions are automatically imported into Xero, eliminating the work of double entry.


This app links your MindBody business management software with Xero to automatically transfer client and sales data. Every 30 minutes, it uploads individual transactions, payment methods used, sales tax, tax coding, and more.

All of these apps are easy to sync with Xero, usually in just a couple of minutes. If you’d like some help, just contact your dedicated Xendoo CPA team. Then you’re all set to use that administrative time you saved in doing what you really love.


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