What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

Not every entrepreneur is made from the same mold. The reasons you started the business, how you run it, and how you define success could be very different from someone else’s.

Why is knowing what category you fall into important? Because you’ll have a better understanding of what drives you, why your business came to be, and ultimately help answer that age-old question… Who am I?

Here’s an overview of the four types of Entrepreneurs. In future articles, we’ll explore each of them in-depth.

The Freedom Seeker.

The Freedom Seeker prefers to work for themselves. They like to make their own decisions, set their own schedule, and above all, control their own destiny.  They also foster teams that can share in the same freedoms by breaking conventional models of how a business should run.

The Legacy Maker.

The Legacy maker wants to build a business that can be passed down to his or her children — and their children. For this entrepreneur, their business is their way of leaving their mark on history.  It’s one of the ways they’ll be remembered after they’re gone.

The Opportunist.

This Entrepreneur spots a money-making opportunity gets buy-in and gets out at the right time. The Opportunists love and excel at marketing and interacting with people. They are confident, optimistic, outgoing, and sometimes impulsive.  They run with those impulses and many times will reap the financial rewards of such perfect timing.

The Innovator

This Innovator starts a business based on his or her knowledge or innovation. The Expert would rather spend all day doing what they love, not actually operating the business. The expert or innovator prefers not taking risks and doesn’t like to have to prove themselves. Their confidence in their product speaks for itself.


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