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Lil Roberts on Navigating an Uncertain Environment

A Precarious Spot for Small Businesses

In an article for Entrepreneur, Xendoo CEO and founder Lil Roberts talked a bit about how each outcome of the 2020 election could affect small businesses. She also offered some strategies for small business owners to negotiate the uncertain environment surrounding the election. While the election has since been decided, the challenges triggered by the pandemic are still putting small businesses in a precarious spot. Lil’s advice remains essential for business owners looking to navigate this minefield.

Maintain a Laser Focus

In times of uncertainty, Roberts says, “[b]usiness owners are well served to…focus on what they do best — running their business.” Specifically, ignore the things that are beyond control and avoid reactive decision-making. Instead, key in on things like expenses, cost control, and overall financial management. However, this doesn’t mean to stick one’s head in the sand. Small business owners should also have contingency plans in order to stay nimble and be able to adapt to changes that may arise.

Get Back to the Basics

“Business owners with the strongest foundation are the ones who survive challenging times,” says Roberts. “This includes building a positive company culture that values every team member, prioritizing interactions with customers or clients to deliver exceptional products and services, and monitoring the financial health of the business to quickly make decisions as the economic climate changes.” With so much going on in the world, it’s very easy to lose sight of these basics. However, they are critically important in an uncertain environment.

Stay Positive and Move Forward

The past election cycles, the pandemic, and the uncertain environment – Roberts calls these “energy vampires to small business owners”. She adds that, “a positive outlook and a focus on the future go a long way in ensuring their business remains resilient. Time will pass and the world will keep moving. A positive outlook is integral in keeping their businesses moving — onward and upward through uncertainty.”

We Get Small Business

Lil Roberts experienced the shortfalls of the archaic accounting industry first-hand. Her one goal: provide small business owners with financial peace of mind. How? Provide accessibility to expert CPAs, predictable pricing, and speed to financial numbers delivered through technology. Xendoo’s proprietary technology allows our expert bookkeeping team to 10x the productivity of a traditional bookkeeper and CPA. In partnership with Xero, we offer a monthly bookkeeping solution driven by real-time data and most importantly, real people.

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