What I’d Rather Be Doing

(other than bookkeeping)

Calling all business owners!  Xendoo wants to know what you’d rather be doing, besides bookkeeping! We know you didn’t start your business to do bookkeeping, but we did.

Join the “What I’d Rather Be Doing” (#idrather) campaign!  Whether it’s traveling, dancing, cooking, playing sports, or spending time with family, we want to know how you like to spend your free time.  

In addition to getting to showcase your amazing side talents and hobbies, you will also be entered into our $1000 giveaway to win one of four $250 Amazon gift cards.  Read below to enter and start sharing.

Id rather be giveaway

Let’s Get Started


Throughout the campaign, we will re-share your great videos and photos, and on October 28th we will select four participants at random.

Each of the four winners will receive a $250 Amazon gift card.

Because you didn’t start your business to do bookkeeping. We did. #IDRATHER

  • Visit us on our Instagram.  Like the pinned post, tag a friend, and share it.
  • Share a post or story of what you’d rather be doing (other than your bookkeeping).
  • Don’t forget to tag Xendoo!
  • Enter to win one of the 4 $250 Amazon gift cards

Don’t Forget

Make sure to accept all terms and conditions to participate.  Please follow the instructions above to meet the giveaway requirements.

What customers say about Xendoo

My experience with xendoo has been amazing.

Switching over from doing the books myself to having xendoo handle everything has been incredible.

Peace of mind for a small business owner!

They respond quickly to any questions I have and they are excellent with business taxes and filing.

xendoo takes the hassle out of bookkeeping.

The service has been awesome and their team is readily available to answer any questions that arise.
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