Holiday Gift Books for the New or the Aspiring Small Business Owner

Do you know someone who’s just started their small business, or is dreaming of doing so? This gift-giving season, help them achieve success with these 10 great reads. Written by world-renowned experts, they offer wisdom, actionable tips, and motivation for the entrepreneur’s journey.

Start, Run & Grow A Successful Small Business 6th Edition

by Toolkit Media Group

A comprehensive resource for information on every aspect of your operations, from financing to marketing to human resources. Hundreds of case studies, checklists, and business plan templates are included to keep you on the right path.

Start Your Own Business 7th Edition

by Rieva Lesonsky and the staff of Entrepreneur Magazine 

What better guide could you ask for than this group of experts? More than 30 years of collective advice covers launch fear, idea testing, funding, business structure, social media marketing, and much more.

The Business Planning Guide

by David H. Bangs Jr. 

Written by a former banker and entrepreneur and considered a classic in its field, this book offers a practical, real-world approach. Bangs help you analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and market conditions before launching a business venture.

The $100 Startup

 by Chris Guillebeau 

Leverage your talent, passion, or hobby into a business, and enjoy a life of adventure, meaning, and purpose while making a good living. Guillebeau shares case studies of entrepreneurs who built very modest budgets into businesses earning $50,000+.

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

 by Michael Gerber

Small business owners can be held back from success by their expectations, assumptions, and even technical expertise. Michael Gerber provides an experienced guide through every stage of a business, from start-up to growing pains to maturity.

The Startup Owner’s Manual

 by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf

Aimed at those who want to start a Silicon Valley-style scalable business, Blank and Dorf detail a well-proven, step-by-step process with 100+ charts and checklists. Their formula is taught at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, and many other universities worldwide.

Million Dollar Consulting

 by Alan Weiss

If you’re looking to sell your expertise at the C-suite level, Million Dollar Consulting is your go-to reference. Essential strategies for attracting clients, writing proposals, pricing, delegating labor, managing your time, and more are explained.

Flying Without a Net

 by Thomas J. DeLong

It takes more than business knowledge to be a successful start-up; you also need the right attitudes and work practices. DeLong explores the personality traits, courage, and anxieties common to entrepreneurs, and teaches how to develop your strengths.

Founders at Work

 by Jessica Livingston

If they can do it, so can you! Read the inspiring stories of famed entrepreneurs’ early days from the ’80s to the present. Steve Wozniak (Apple), Max Levchin (Paypal), and others share their challenges, successes, failures, and lessons learned.


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