Getting Back to Basics: 5 customer engagement strategies for health and wellness business owners

When it comes to fitness, sometimes it’s important to get back to basics before tackling more difficult exercises. And it’s exactly the same in business. Making sure your customer engagement strategy has a strong foundation that gives you and your staff the tools they need to tackle more complicated issues and strategies down the line.

Customer engagement is every touchpoint your business has with a customer. Offline or online. Proactive or reactive. The number of ways you engage with customers is nearly endless.

As a franchise owner in the health and fitness space, how you engage with customers can make or break your business. Here are five simple ways to improve customer engagement and grow your business:

Keep it simple

Make it easy for consumers to contact you the way they prefer. Don’t hide phone numbers or email addresses unless you have a very clear communication strategy pointing them in another direction. Also, make sure your contact info is consistent across all platforms.

Let your staff exercise their voice

Empower your staff to truly serve your customers. When front-line staff, whether in-person or virtual, have the ability to address concerns and make good on mistakes, you decrease the chances of problems escalating and resulting in a nasty review online.

Get results…and rewards!

Reward loyal customers with perks and offers that make it easier for them to choose you over other the competition. Think about implementing a rewards program that keeps them coming back time and time again.

Don’t be afraid of a little resistance

No matter how small an issue, or how wrong you believe your customer to be, respond to every concern as quickly as possible. Whether the comment came in person, over the phone, via email, or through a harsh review – tackle the issue head-on fast. You’ll save a customer and likely gain more in the process.

Keep up your (social) reps

Carefully managing your online communities is no longer optional. Make sure you have staff dedicated to monitoring your social media channels and responding to positive and negative feedback. Responsiveness shows onlookers that you care about your customers and will go the extra mile.


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