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Celebrating Women’s Small Business Month: Thoughts from Xendoo CEO and Founder, Lil Roberts

National Women’s Small Business Month celebrates women’s achievements in business, and highlights what they bring to their communities as small business owners. We took a moment to interview Xendoo founder and CEO Lil Roberts, to get insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and the importance of women leading in business. 

Build Up Your Team

What encouragement do you have for women who are in male-dominated industries? 

Shift your mindset. Do not let who dominates the industry define your role within it. Succeeding in business is all about excelling at what you do best, and building up a team that compliments the areas that you lack experience in. A multifaceted team is what makes a business thrive. When your team is growing their skills and knowledge, when your customers are happy, that is where you will find true success in your business.

It is crucial to focus on the problem that needs to be solved, and build a team that is as passionate about solving that problem as you are. That is what success looks like in every industry, no matter who it is dominated by. 

Inclusive by Nature

What is the importance of women leading in business?

Lil smiled and recalled a moment in which she had the opportunity to speak to Frances Frei, Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education at Harvard Business School. Frei shared her experience of solving problems with a team of women and immigrants, referencing studies that prove that when women lead, everyone wins. That is not to say that people and businesses cannot thrive under male leadership – they do. It simply highlights that women tend to be inclusive by nature, and adept at empowering those around them to do and be their best. This leads to the creation of supportive, passionate teams and therefore, successful businesses. 

Hats Off to You 

To all female business owners and entrepreneurs, we are rooting for you. Happy National Women’s Small Business Month from your friends at Xendoo! Take time to celebrate your business and your amazing team this month. Focus on what you love – growing your business. Xendoo has your online bookkeeping covered. 

Schedule a free consultation with one of our accountants. We would love to get to know you and your business, and partner with you as your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax team! 


Watch the full interview with Lil below:

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