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You’ve Got a Deal: 5 Negotiating Tips for Small Business Owners

Negotiating is an inescapable part of doing business. No matter who you work with — suppliers, customers, partners, lenders, employees — you need to know how to get what you want without losing the relationship. Before you begin your next negotiation, familiarize yourself with these 5 strategies. 1. Advance research Learn as much as you […]

Sell Smarter, Not Harder: How to Choose CRM Software

If you’re still using one-size-fits-all Customer Relations Management software, your small business is probably suffering for it. Your salespeople are roadblocked; information isn’t coordinated between departments, leading to delays and duplications of effort; and sales opportunities fall through the cracks. These days, there are many software options tailored to specific industries and sales processes. So […]

The Perfect Fit: Tailoring Your Inventory Management System for Your Business

Many types of small businesses, from restaurants to manufacturers to retail stores, have stocks of supplies or products that must be maintained efficiently in order to optimize cash flow, prevent waste or shortages, and protect profit margins. So how do you know if your inventory management system is truly serving your needs? Ask yourself these […]

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

Not every entrepreneur is made from the same mold. The reasons you started the business, how you run it, and how you define success could be very different from someone else’s. Why is knowing what category you fall into important? Because you’ll have a better understanding of what drives you, why your business came to […]

When to hire a Bookkeeper and an Accountant

Small business owners are experts at the products and services they sell. Many of them, however, are not so knowledgeable about — or interested in — the financial operations of the business. Recording sales transactions, paying supplier invoices, doing payroll. Boring! But it has to be done. Otherwise, it just piles up and turns into […]

Be More Productive with Less Work: 5 Easy Tips

Business owners put a lot of thought into maximizing the productivity of their operations. But they don’t always do the same for their own work habits. Here are 5 things you can do to make the best use of your time and energy. 1. Get a second monitor. Studies show that having a second monitor […]

3 Areas of Your Business that Need a Spring Clean

It’s not just your home that benefits from a regular tidying up and weeding out. Your business will also be easier to manage once it’s reorganized and de-cluttered. Here are some great tips that can save you time and money all year long. 1. Records Move all paperwork related to completed jobs and 2017 activity […]

Applying for a Small Business Loan: 5 Steps to Success

Financing is a fact of life for any business, whether it’s to fund a new start-up, expand/update your existing business, or solve a temporary cash-flow issue. The best way to be successful in getting that loan is to be prepared with all the answers a bank needs to decide in your favor. Here are 5 […]

5 Things Small Business Needs to Know About the New Tax Reform Law

The good news: lower tax rates. The bad news: fewer deductions. Although you won’t be filing a tax return based on the new law until 2019, you will have to abide by its provisions starting right now. Here’s an overview of the top 5 changes that could significantly affect your small business operations. 1. Lower […]

5 Simple Business Tax Steps to Take Before December 31

In just a couple of weeks, the tax year will come to an end. So this is your last chance to make the moves that will maximize your 2017 return’s accuracy and minimize the taxes you owe. 1. Consider new equipment purchases. You might be thinking you’ll wait until the first quarter of 2018 because […]