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The Best Small Business Bookkeeping Solutions

As a small business owner, your time is best spent on the revenue-generating features of your business— not hunched over a computer screen scrolling through QuickBooks!  Thankfully, a reliable bookkeeping solution is just a click away. What should you look for in an accounting or bookkeeping service? Today, we’ll highlight five of the best small […]

A Guide to Tax Savings for Consultants

If you’re living the independent consultant life, you probably think it’s pretty sweet that you don’t have a boss over you, telling you what to do. But aside from your mini-bosses (AKA clients), you still have one more entity to which you report: The IRS.  The IRS watches consultants closely, and every tax dollar that […]

How to Prepare Your Business for Tax Time

Planning ahead is always a good business strategy, especially when it comes to taxes. Adopting a proactive strategy can help you stay ahead of business tax filing deadlines, avoiding the rush and the headache during tax season!  To help business owners with their tax preparation, we’ve prepared a business tax filing guide to walk you […]

Cash Flow vs. Profit: Understanding the Difference

When you’re running a business, keeping track of all of the financial terms can be enough to give you a headache! But two of the most important terms that will affect you are your cash flow and your profit. Cash flow refers to the net flow of cash in and out of a business, while […]

Xendoo vs. QuickBooks: The Difference

As more small businesses crop up throughout the country, many business owners are starting to realize that a significant task in managing a company, big or small, is bookkeeping.  From choosing an accounting method to managing transactions to setting up payroll, bookkeeping can be an extremely confusing and time-consuming process! That’s why many business owners […]

Top Online Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for 2021

Good business bookkeeping is vital for any successful company, both for legal and financial reasons. Accurate information from bookkeeping is not only necessary to know where your business stands financially at a given moment, but it is also essential for strategy planning, managing cash flow, and predicting profitability.  There are a lot of reasons why […]

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Cost?

Though bookkeeping may not be the most exciting part of running a business, it’s arguably one of the most important. Bookkeeping can help you maintain your financial records, track expenditures and revenue, and provide an up-to-date snapshot of the growth and overall health of your business.  Bookkeeping is the make-or-break factor for a business, sometimes […]

8 Benefits of Online Bookkeeping

You’ve put your heart and soul into your business. So why does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels, trying to keep up with your core business and your administrative overhead at the same time?  When you first started your company, it might have made sense to try to handle your own bookkeeping and accounting […]

How Much Does a CPA Cost?

How much is your business currently spending on accounting costs? According to the small business organization known as SCORE, roughly 1 in 5 small businesses are sinking as much as $10,000 in bookkeeping costs and other fees. Roughly 1 in 6 are spending $20,000 or more! How much does a CPA cost in 2021? Do […]