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Lil Roberts on Navigating an Uncertain Environment

A Precarious Spot for Small Businesses In an article for Entrepreneur, Xendoo CEO and founder Lil Roberts talked a bit about how each outcome of the 2020 election could affect small businesses. She also offered some strategies for small business owners to negotiate the uncertain environment surrounding the election. While the election has since been […]

Why Is Clubhouse Such an Unparalleled Platform?

As entrepreneurs, we’re knowledge-seekers and networkers by nature. When Twitter launched, we jumped at the opportunity to hear thoughts from mentors and start forming real-time conversations. When podcasts started gaining traction, we had a chance to hear advice and learn about the backgrounds of inspiring entrepreneurs.

Xendoo – 2020 Florida Companies to Watch

It’s a great honor for myself and Xendoo to be recognized as a GrowFL company.  We are filled with gratitude to be amongst the caliber of honorees past and present. We’d like to thank Alma Kadragic for nominating us for this phenomenal honor to be recognized as a GrowFL company.  And I’d like to thank […]

101: Accounting for Amazon Ecommerce Sellers

Do you know your numbers? Lil Roberts is here to help on a very special episode of Lunch with Norm. Xendoo CEO and Founder Lil Roberts is going to share some general Amazon accounting best practices. In this episode, Lil dives deep into accounting for Amazon & eCommerce Sellers. Don’t worry!

The State of Innovation in South Florida

South Florida is capturing the attention of the nation and the world in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. We have an amazing panel of changemakers participating including Vice Mayor, Michael Udine, Xendoo Founder, Lil Roberts and CIO of NSU Center of Innovation.