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A Guide to Reading Your Reports

Balance sheet

An overview of your business’s financial position on the day the statement is generated.

Assets – Money in the bank, property, and equipment owned by the company.

Liabilities- Money you owe other people (loans, taxes, rent, etc,)

Equity – Money currently held by the company (retained earnings, operating capital, stock)

Equity – Liabilities = Assets

In other words, Assets are what you actually have to work with.

Your Profit + Loss

A rundown of the money that came in and went out during the month.

Revenue – What you earned from the sale of goods and services.

Cost of Sales – Supplies needed to produce and deliver your product.

Gross Profit – What’s left after you subtract the Cost of Sales from Revenue.

Other Income + Expenses – All other sources of income and costs of doing business; if the number is in parentheses, it is subtracted from Gross Profit.

Net Income – What’s left after you add Other Income and subtract Other Expense items from Gross Profit.



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